The objective of this training package is to provide you with the skills to:

  • identify any constraints in the utilisation of your pastures.
  • put in place actions to enable you to lift stock numbers and better manage green pasture utilisation on grazed land. This will increase your beef productivity (kilograms of beef per hectare) and decrease your unit cost of production (cents per kilogram of beef).

Key Points

  • Increasing the use of green pasture can be the most cost-effective way of lifting the productivity for the majority of beef enterprises.
  • It is likely that there is still potential to increase your pasture utlisation in your enterprise.
  • Better pasture utilisation increases pasture growth and quality

What Next?

Go through the items in this module to:

  • identify stock numbers (stocking density or head/ha) that the enterprise will sustain when green pasture utilisation is increased
  • identify and monitor the most appropriate indicators to time the start of grazing
  • stop grazing before pasture composition and groundcover are adversely affected
  • use routine field measurements (pasture growth stage, mass and height) to estimate both the number of days’ rest required before the next graze and the amount of pasture mass available during the bulk of the growing season
  • if summer dry periods are a feature of your production system, set targets to carry a certain stocking rate through the dry period as a base for pasture measurements from late spring onwards
  • manage grazing pressure to ensure that planned and efficient use of available pasture mass and energy content is achieved before regrowth is grazed
  • plan the best balance of animal performance and pasture regrowth by grouping and allocating cattle according to their nutritional requirements, and determining the grazing sequence and duration for grazing units across each pasture area
  • set pasture and animal targets and precision-manage the grazing of all pasture zones to achieve production targets, maintain pastures and prevent soil and environmental degradation.

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