The objective of this training package is to provide you with an introduction to the principles of pasture utilisation. It is intended to provide the key points to consider in pasture utilisation and provide access to simple (back of the envelope tools) for determining stocking rates and pasture utilisation.

Key Points

  • Increasing the use of green pasture can be the most cost-effective way of lifting the productivity for the majority of beef enterprises.
  • It is likely that there is still potential to increase your pasture utlisation in your enterprise.
  • Better pasture utilisation increases pasture growth and quality
  • Simple tools can give you a “back of the envelope” view of how well your operation is matching feed supply with feed demand.

What Next?

The Pasture Utilisation II training packages builds on this introductory training package and provides more in-depth information as well as a walk-through the more advanced tools and calculators.

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